We are not in the parts business.  However, every so often we are pleased to act as a source for obsolete or otherwise unavailable parts that help keep our favorite cars on the track or road.  Below you'll see what we have on offer.  Except where noted, all are currently available.  However, quantities are limited.  Please contact us for pricing and to confirm availability.

Type 923 clutch release bearing guide

923-116-087-03, unique to the '76 912E.  We include its o-ring, 999-701-359-40, which is not included in the standard type 915 seal kit.

Type 016 transmission oil pump gasket

016-115-189, 016-115-189-A, CEI-115-189-B, used in 944-series transmissions with oil cooler to set pump shaft free-play.  Available in 0.15, 0.20, and 0.25 mm thicknesses.  Made by hand from Flexoid gasket paper.

Type 016.YR 016.XT input shaft bearing

088-311-371-E deep groove ball bearing.  Used in 924 four-speed type YR and XT transmissions.  Made by SKF.

Type 016/Y VA VB first gear synchronizer ring

931-302-301-02, used in 924-series "snail shell" type VA and VB transmissions.

Type 016/Y VA VB first, second, third gear teeth

931-302-241-00 "dog ring," used in 924 "snail shell" type VA and VB transmissions.  Never available from Porsche or in the aftermarket - until now!